Anne's New Car

Monday afternoon it was time to leave Copenhagen and fly to Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden, the home of Volvo. The put us up at a nice hotel, including a great dinner. Tuesday morning we headed to the Factory Delivery Center to pick up Anne’s new car, a red XC40. After the orientation, a short test drive and lunch, it was time to continue our journey. We hit the road, heading north towards Norway. I hadn’t booked a hotel for Tuesday night because I didn’t know what time we would be leaving Gothenburg, or how far we would feel like driving. We got out around 2:30, and seemed to be making good time, so we decided to continue on to Lillehammer, best know to Americans as the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics. We made it there in time to check in to our hotel and get a great burger and beers at a nice pub called Heim.

It was shower-y in the morning. We visited the Norwegian Olympic Museum and headed to the ski jump, where Anne failed to find the geocache. Then we headed off to the mountains.

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