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Day 22 - Sunday, July 18


Great Sand Dune Great Sand Dune

We got up early to go to Mass in Durango. We got going later than we thought, so went to the 10:00 Mass instead of the 9:00. While we were at church Dad did laundry. After we traveled in the car to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. It was fun but it lasted for 5 minutes until it started raining. It was more like an hour, and it poured and thundered and lightninged. I felt bad for the people on top of the 700 foot tall dune. It didnít look like it was going to stop anytime soon, so it wasnít worth it to set up camp so we headed along. Then we went to Colorado Springs. We stayed at the Garden of the Gods Campground.

Day 23 - Monday, July 19


We started off our day at Garden of the Gods Campground, in Colorado Springs. We got up at around 8:00, ate breakfast, took showers and packed up. We got out at about 10:00. From the campground, we headed to Pikeís Peak. We took the car up to the top of the 14,110 foot mountain. At the top it was foggy and cold. We had a picnic lunch at the visitors center partway down the mountain. From there we headed towards Rocky Mountain National Park. We hit traffic and thunder storms on our way around Denver. We stopped in Boulder to get groceries and headed to Estes Park where we would camp. We got there about 7:00 and went to Maryís Lake Campground. We got a site away from everyone and had dinner at 9:30 PM. Before that we played basketball with some other kids. After supper we did dishes and went to bed.

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